Best 18 Living Room Color Scheme with Surprising Color Combinations

LIVING ROOM COLOR SCHEME – Whether your living room’s style is conventional, transitional, contemporary, or ultra modern, you could give it an unique twist with a tailored color scheme. From beautiful wall surface colors to eye-catching home furnishings these suggestions will certainly take your room to your next level.

An anchor. A multipurpose space. A home in miniature. Living rooms huge news. They’re the areas individuals spend the most of their waking house time in as well as they double as movie theaters, cafeteria, games rooms, reviewing spaces as well as bedrooms.

There are many means making your living room color scheme look even more lovable compared to usual. Perhaps, you are bored with the present color scheme of your living room as well as truly desire to transform the ambiance.

Well, it is in fact easy to upgrade your living room as long as you understand what to do. A color scheme is a good choice to develop a brand-new fresh subtlety for your living room color scheme.

As a result, you might inspect these complying with living room color scheme ideas that can motivate you for your new living room concept.

Pink And Grey Living Room Color Scheme

source: Claire Lloyd Davies

Paint a chimney breast in a favourite color that contrasts with your living room color scheme as well as fire border. The pink as well as grey combination made use of right here presents warmth to the room without controling it.

If you are fretted about a colour frustrating an area, hang a big mirror to separate your block of color.

Cool Color Outdoor Living Space

wall colour combination for small living room
source: Laura U, Inc.

Don’t disregard your outside living spaces when it comes to infusing amazing living room color scheme. The days may be obtaining shorter and cooler, but why not plan in advance for springtime and also summer season? Autumn is, nevertheless, a good time to get outside furniture and home furnishings at a discount rate.

This room abounds with amazing color. As well as due to the fact that the dynamic colors are revealed by means of textile as well as paint, it would not be that difficult to alter them in the future.

Stunning Emerald Green Paint Colors

paint colors for living room walls
source: Emma Lee

This sensational emerald green is among those priceless shades that is able to make a sprinkle both in its very own right, while likewise making celebrities of the furnishings it offers a background to.

This collection of artwork, accessories and also minimalist furniture is even more excellent for the vivid eco-friendly it shares area with.

Pastel Sugary Shade Combination

paintings for living room

Paint an accent wall in a darker colour, which will serve to stabilize the lighter tone on an adjacent wall surface.

Usage matt emulsion to create a fashionable low-sheen appearance a silky, virtually milky surface optimal for uneven walls in the living location.

Full of Interest Blues And Purples Combination

paintings for living room

Those that such as color in their areas will enjoy this appearance. It well includes different tones of purples and blues for a look that feels total.

Here, a vivid wallpaper adds a lot of visual passion to the area. What really makes this work, however, is heaven trim around the home windows.

It matches heaven of the wallpaper so that whatever seems like it belongs together. Note that when you utilize a great deal of color on the walls as well as floors, you should balance that out with accents that are a lot more neutral, like the white cushions as well as lampshade in this room.

Low-Slung Multi-Color Modular Sofa

wall colour combination for small living room
source: Matthew Williams

A household room is the excellent location to go large on colour. Choose a low-slung modular sofa in a mix of very colours for flexible seating that will bring a feeling of fun to a living room.

Paint wall surfaces white to develop a background that makes the colours really stand out. Maintain various other furniture marginal so the couch takes satisfaction of location.

Dramatic Shade For Living Room

modern colour schemes for living room
source: Malcolm Menzies

Develop a brooding sense of intrigue by painting your wall surfaces as well as surface areas in a remarkable shade. Dare to utilize darker shades of paint it may feel like a high-risk relocation but, in the ideal context, shadowy tones enter their own.

Utilize a deep grey to add irritable class to a collection or cozy space. Produce an entire background that blends in by painting a radiator and a wall surface of shelves to match as well as generating a carpeting in the same colour.

Perfect Off-White Color Scheme

wall colour combination for small living room
source: Susan Marrinello Interiors

The ideal color of white could make or break a room. Select a creamy white for your living room color scheme refresh to boost a classic look.

The perfect off-white color can work as a backdrop for your living room decor while developing a comfortable living atmosphere.

Strong Royal Blue Modern Schemes

popular living room colors
source: Polly Wreford

If you’re sticking to a single colour, mix appearances to include passion the shiny surface to rough-luxe appearances ups the glam factor in this living room.

A curvaceous royal-blue lamp adds smooth contrast to the chair and also rug.

Modern Living Room Spectacular Patter

best living room colors
source: Matthew Williams

In a living room with an amazing sight, use colour and also pattern very carefully. Bring in a carpet as well as utilize it to demarcate a particular area for colour.

Make use of a mix of rather tones and natural patterns on the cushions and also furnishings around it that are lovely adequate to be seen yet not so vibrant as to battle with the view for interest.

Neutral Living Room with Colourful Furniture

living room color ideas
source: Paul Raeside

Learn how to use block colour in your house and also you will certainly never look back. Begin with a white base and also include colour with straightforward, clean forms.

The brilliant blue couch in this living room rests happily on the visuals yellow carpet, alongside the smaller sized furniture items in the exact same somewhat low-key tone match several of the shades making sure your room doesn’t begin appearing like a rainbow.

Spicy Shades For Elegant Feel

living room paint ideas
source: Debi Treloar

Establish hot shades versus a dark background for a dramatic as well as classy feeling, and mix patterns for a laid-back look.
A sophisticated glass coffee table is excellent for the extravagant setup, while coloured glass and metal devices include additional vibrance.

Ombre-Effect Wash For Living Room

living room paint colors
source: Simon Whitmore

Paint effects are back. No, we’re not chatting nineties-style rag rolling or stencilled boundaries. If you have zero self-confidence with a paintbrush, get the look with appealing water colour-effect pillows covers or a freehand-striped lamp shade, instead.

Or, seek carpets and also drapes that showcase an ombre-effect wash of graduated colour for your living room color scheme.

Relaxing Subtle Blue Paint Color

living room color scheme

If you desire a wonderful, stress-free space, stick to light shades like these. While every little thing is pastel, painting the trim on the ceiling a somewhat various shade helps the eye keep interested.

Cries are refined, discovered throughout the space in little details, like the light, the coffee table centerpiece, and the pillows.

Using these colors against a neutral background is best because it makes it easy to transform the appearance when you want to. Instead of re-painting every little thing, you simply need to alter the accent pieces.

Energising Vivacity Turqouise Paint Ideas

source: Dominic Blackmore

Pick a vibrant shade that includes personality and personality to your living room color scheme in daylight and also cuddly cozy cosiness in the evening. Pick a turquoise hue with an energising vivacity about that isn’t really bold or frustrating.

It’s likewise a perfect companion for mid blue. Maintain floor covering pale for a bit of equilibrium and proceed the colour throughout woodwork, consisting of shutters, architraves as well as skirting.

Dark Accent Wall For Open Concept Room

paint colors for living room walls

In an open concept living area similar to this one, it can be difficult to define the area. You’ll see that it isn’t a trouble when you opt to paint the accent wall surface in a good, dark color.

The wood flooring in this house really stick out, so the owner has incorporated that color into the general prepare for the color scheme.

Given that the flooring and also the accent wall are dark, they should be balanced out with a huge, light couch as well as throw carpet to finish the appearance.

Peaceful Glow with Mustard Yellow Paint

modern colour schemes for living room
source: Gretchen Evans Design

Play up the color in your living room by painting your walls with a cozy, mustard yellow. While you may feel hesitant to paint your wall surfaces brilliant yellow, a dark shade of yellow can add a relaxed glow to your space.

Deep Red For Living Room Colors

popular living room colors
source: Kristi Spouse Interiors

Make a statement by choosing an abundant, crimson for your living room wall surfaces. If you’re not ready to devote to an entirely red room, try painting an accent wall for a warm tip of red.


Amazing Light Shades of Blues

best living room colors
source: Structure Home

Soft, light tones of blue bring a ventilated, loosening up ambiance to a room. When sorting via living room color scheme ideas to warm up your space, a light color of blue could appear awesome, yet still give a relaxing atmosphere that is refined and also simple and easy.

Shades of Grey With Warm Wood Tones

living room color ideas
source: Found Design

Gray has actually been my go-to neutral for a while now and discover it much more crisp and clean looking than common off-white.

However gray does not have the warmth of off-white, so attempt matching it with cozy wood tones or a cozy accent hue, such as the yellow-green used right here. With a base of grey tones in a room, you could add a dashboard of other color you want, also off-white.

Contemporary Living Room Color Scheme

living room paint ideas
source: Niki Papadopoulos

If you stick with neutral shades when picking furnishings, yet there is just something so magnificent about these magenta-hued club chairs.

Yet notification that the magenta is the only vivid hue in the area. If those chairs needed to take on an eco-friendly wall as well as a blue couch, they would promptly go from amazing to overload.

So proceed as well as get furnishings in your favored bold hue if you see a piece you simply need to have, however edit the various other colors in the space to make sure that the intensely hued element continues to be the celebrity.

Color Combinations of Blue Water and Eco-Green

living room paint colors

It is an amazing mixes of blue and environment-friendly, especially watery blues as well as bright, shocking eco-friendlies. They just play off each various other so well. As well as though they are amazing shades, they really feel enjoyable and also inviting together maybe because we link them with nature, the sea and also the skies.

Tricky Green and Red Color Paint Ideas

living room color scheme
source: Wheeler Kearns Architects

Green and also red could be challenging colors to gather. They are opposite each other on the color wheel, which indicates they provide the most contrast per other. One technique to soften the contrast is to utilize less extreme shades of one or both hues.

This wall surface is a very pure green, yet it’s a rather light color of it. The red below is extremely dark as well as lavish, even more of a maroon shade which could work as a neutral.

Likewise, because the colors are made use of for various products in the room (wall paint and furnishings), they will not clash. This unanticipated palette functions actually well in this cool, modern area.

Love Light Shades of White

paint colors for living room walls
source: Rad Design Inc

For those who like light, tidy, airy spaces, you cannot go wrong with tones of white on your wall surfaces, ceilings and also home furnishings. But it’s nice to infuse some color to cheer things up.

If you do, why not go bold? The basing black and lively orange tones work nicely with the lighter blue tones below. This example likewise effectively makes use of shades other each other on the color wheel (blue and orange). They function well together since heaven is maintained lighter and reduced.

Harmonious Mix of Soft Gray

paintings for living room
source: Jo Alcorn

As a matter of fact, intense, vivid color could often sidetrack from interesting art work, furniture, accessories or a good view gone. This living room really feels light loaded, airy and also inviting.

Darker shades are made use of as small accents here and there perfect for somebody who likes even more toned-down, neutral tones. The harmonious mix of soft gray, eco-friendly as well as blue makes for a relaxing as well as innovative living room.


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